A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You've angered Cthulhu! You must sacrifice yourself on the altar to appease him, as you dodge poison darts, and leap over pits of spikes.

What I used:
- Unity 
- Pyxel Edit
- Audacity
- Bosca Ceiol
- Visual Studio

This time around, I actually got a fully working game! (Yay!). I'm a lot happier with the overall quality of this one a as well - it's got nicer quality pixel art, cleaner code, and less bugs, as well as actually having audio. Also, I'm surprised the music sounds as good as it does, with it being my first time using Bosca Ceiol for an actual project. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Install instructions

Unzip the files and run 'More Sacrifices!.exe',  or 'More Sacrifices!Mac.app' respectively.


Windows 27 MB
Mac 26 MB
Source Code 97 MB

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